Helllo, my name is Damien, although I usually go by AlphaGameDev or AlphaGameDeveloper on most platforms. I am 14 years old, and am a Freshman at San Marin High School. I live with my parents, sister, and two wonderful pets–Olive and Charlie. I have many hobbies, ranging from archery to Taekwondo, all the way to programming and IT. I host this website on my server at home, named “Hubby”. Some programming languages that I use are Python, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL(MySQL), Docker, Arduino, and a bit of Java. Python was the first real language that I learned, back in fifth grade, and is still my language of choice to this day. I am completely self-taught, and I try to spend at least two to three hours per week programming, but I often go over that goal.

Server Administrator

I run my server at home, named Hubby. I enjoy running applications and services–Especially web-facing applications. Docker makes this really easy, and I recently learned how to make my own images and deploy applications faster than ever before. Hubby is currently running Ubuntu Server 21.04.

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