About Me

$ /bin/sh -c "whoami"

I started to be obsessed with computers ever since I ran my first Linux command! It was the ls command. Pretty simple, but it felt amazing. Not soon after, I decided to learn Python, as most of the games that came with the Raspberry Pi OS (Then called Raspian) were coded in Python and Pygame. I remember setting the FPS to be a million or something, and the game was virtually unplayable. Eventually, my progress stagnated, and I forgot about coding for 2 years…

The COVID-19 pandemic took us by storm. (You may have heard about that!) I was in 5th grade when it started, and I decided to continue learning to code. I found Replit, a browser-based IDE. It was very annoying having to do everything via a web browser, but I managed. In that time, I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a website. On December 4th, 2021, I got the domain name alphagame.dev and made this site go live. (Keep in mind that I was coding each and every HTML file from scratch, which was really a drag, I wish I used something like Jekyll for that…) I started watching a YouTuber who goes by NetworkChuck, and got into Linux again.

The next few years until now went by really fast, with me starting to host my school Minecraft server, Rocket.Chat server, and more. (It’s an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t let me anywhere your chromebook, because I would hack it…) I now use WordPress for this website, so I don’t have to worry about coding it as much, and it is much easier. It felt like anytime NetworkChuck posted something, I would be SSHed to Hubby, doing it with the video. It was fun!

Thanks for reading to the end.

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